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[Rollei] Bay 4

Jerry and Richard,

all you guys are saying sounds awesome, but, where's the beef? I will
gladly pay 15 bucks for anything that fits my Bay 4 camera. It is nice that
one entrepreneur or another may have done it in the past, but I need the
cap NOW. I did my best here to find a cheap solution, but I only found the
two I communicated. If any of you guys can locate a shop that will do an
equal job for less money, send me the phone number and I will call them and
make arrangements.

When I was looking for a shop to make a bay 4 cap here is what I got as far
as quotes:

CNC shop needs around 15 hours of programming and setting the machine.
Going rates are between 60 and 100 bucks an hour. Then you have to account
for the actual cost of making each cap (machining time and material cost).
So, you need to buy a bunch of them just to amortize the up front costs.
The resulting cap would be an exact replica of the Rollei design, minus the
spring (can't CNC that).

Regular shop can only do individual caps by copying a filter or a
Rolleinar. The caps are not hinged, or they would be hinged rather
primitively, but would work. The price would be as I said about 60 bucks
each, or 120 for a set of 2 caps for each camera.

So, although what you guys are saying sounds great, the proof is in the
pudding. Can you make them cheaper elsewhere? If yes, where, I commit to
buying two of them.
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