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[Rollei] Bay 4 inquiry


For those of you with Bay 4 interests, I just ran into a machinist who
offered to make Bay 4 caps from billet aluminum. He will use one of my Bay
4 filters to copy size and shape and will make lens caps for our precious
Rollei wides.

There are some drawbacks to this:
1.- you have to paint your own cap, he has no ability to anodize or paint
and bake the cap
2.- the caps will probably be unhinged (this issue is being worked on right
3.- they will obviously not be Rollei brand

I am interested in getting some caps for my Rollei wides, is anybody
interested as well. The man quoted me 120 bucks per set if I buy 1 and he
will drop his cost to 100 bucks per set if I buy 5 or more.

Personally I will buy 2 sets. Are there 3 more interested owners out there
to get into this custom manufacturing venture?

Please let me know off list. By the end of the week. I intend to place my
order on Monday.

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Herndon, VA 20171-3227

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