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Re: [Rollei] Tele Rolleiflex


The main problem is close focusing. The Tele-Rollei focuses down to 260
cm.This is not close enough for a tight head shot. You will need a Rolleinar
0,35 to focus down to 130 cm. I am not taking portraits on a regular basis,
but I have done it occasionally. It works, but there are easier ways to take
portraits. A rolling studio tripod will be very helpfull too.

Please find information on distances, etc. here:


Ferdi Stutterheim

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Subject: [Rollei] Tele Rolleiflex

> I know there are a number of Tele Rolleiflex owners on here, do any of you
> use a Tele (possibly with Rolleinar(s)) for portraiture?
> I appreciate that 135mm on 6x6 is a little short, but I find the idea
> appealing, and was wondering how well it worked in practice? I keep seeing
> affordable-ish TeleRolleis here in the UK...
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> David Morton
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