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Well, I made it tonight, for a couple of hours, the first time in the
darkroom in 18 months or two years or somesuch.  I now have both my Beseler
23CII (with my new 2.8/50 APO-Rodagon) and my Leitz V35 side-by-side, a
rather chummy arrangement.

I had to relearn working in the dark, which is always mildly frustrating,
but old habits come back readily.  My stock of Ilford MGIV glossy paper was
a bit heat-struck but not terminally so.  (I did get my supply box out of
the freezer to stock up again tomorrow with fresh stuff.)  I thought the
V35 had lost its auto-focus but, after futilizing a bit at trying to adjust
it, I realized I wasn't locking the negative carrier in, and then all was

I had a couple of recent rolls to print, both 100 Delta.  One taken with a
Werra III (2.8/50 CZJ Tessar and 4/35 Flektogon), the other with a Contarex
Cyclops (4.5/21, 4/35, 2/50, 4/135, 13/400).  The first roll was souped in
Rodinal, the second in Ifosol.  The paper was souped in Dektol, incidentally.

A pleasant evening printing rather mediocre pictures on perishing paper.
One shot was nice enough that I broke out a sheet of my all-too-small
reserve of that magnificent ORWO semi-matte fiber monograde paper, the
stuff to die for.

I still do not understand how a serious student of photography can really
learn the art of taking pictures without doing at least occasional darkroom

The APO-Rodagon-N, incidentally, is cleanly and clearly superior to the
Focotar-WA, as Erwin hinted it might be.  I now need to find a 75mm
APO-Rodagon-N to replace my 4/80 Beseler-HD for MF work, but these guys are
hard to find without buying new.  I'd replace the Focotar with an
APO-Componon if I could find one used but these puppies NEVER seem to
appear on e-Bay.  (The APO-Componon is a 40mm lens, incidentally, meaning
its a plug-in replacement for the Focotar;  the APO-Rodagon is a 50mm lens.)


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