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Re: [Rollei] 6003 SRC1000 vs 6003 Professional

Well these are fairly easy;

1.) nothing, it operates in its modes as before.

2.) On the 6003 SRC1000, only a "tune-up" can be made. I had one done
after the camera was in an accident in the trunk of the car. The camera
looked fine, but I sent it in anyway, in case a board cracked or
loosened. The camera was fine and came back working like the proverbial
road runner. Maybe it's my imagination, but it sure seems slightly
faster and quieter. How do I test for that? Purely subjective.

3.) Years ago when it was talked about, it ran $800-$1200, and it had to
go back to the factory. It far exceeded the price differential between
the two version. I'm told that it is not practically done, as the motors
are bigger and won't fit many of the lenses.

Lastly, the 6003 SRC1000, has an achilles-heel. It is the circuit board
beneath the shutter speed knob. When using the grip on the camera, it
has a tendency to crack from the pressure. I had mine repaired twice, to
the cost of over $500.00. I gritted my teeth and chalked it up to the
cost of doing business. I now use mine free-hand or on a flash bracket.
Other than that I keep it as a back up and out of sentimental reasons
due to its grey coloring. It's wearing at the corners and edges, giving
its version of brassing.

The biggest problem is a getting a clear explication on flash usage with
the current software in the 6003 Pro and 6008i. Apparently, from
speaking to the tech at Marflex, they only talked to the European
photographer, when they did their R&D. I just knew it, as you can tell
how the flash usage is described and represented in their literature.
Out here, we abandon that sophomoric lighting methodology by the first
year in Junior College.

 Slobodan Dimitrov

David.Clark   wrote:
> Yes lets get the Marflex guy to help us figure all this out.  My first
> three questions will be:
> 1) What happens to the ISO/EC dial when I put a 6006 back in my 6003
> SRC1000?
> 2) What camera upgrades are available?
> 3) What is the current cost to upgrade non-PQ lenses to PQ?