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Re: [Rollei] Tripod threads was: Hello and Question


Wrong again.  The optical comparator can measure to minutes of angle.
It is an aerospace inspection tool of very high precision as well as accuracy.
Five degrees is a very large angular diference, and can easily be measured.

What is the expression "Shoemaker, stick to your last".

I promise that I will not dispute any of your legal opinions, if you will
extend me the same courtesy in my field, which is Aerospace Engineering.


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 07:22 PM 9/23/01 -0700, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> >I have taken impressions of the internal threads of ALL my camera
> >which have the 3/8-XX thread.  Tomorrow I will section them and
> >measure the thread angle on an optical comparator.  This will, I hope,
> >put to rest the various theories Whitworth vs US.
> >
> >Of course, some die-hards will say  "All very well, this only applies
> >to your eleven cameras, mine must have the other!"
> An excellent idea, Jerry.  I suspect that 5 degrees will be much like
> Benson & Hedge's "silly little millimeter longer", though, and won't be all
> that easy to measure.  Bogen/Manifrotto, Rollei, Leica -- they should be
> able to tell us, and one of them should be available tomorrow.
> Marc
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