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Hi Jerry,

Yes, you have the adjustable Rolleilux. You are also right about the two
dots, that is the 6*6 position. As far as I remember: the little screw goes
through the bayonet first and then when screwing further into the hood
itself. By loosening the screw it moves up into the bayonet only. There is
no need to screw it out entirely, as long as  the hood is free from it.

Now you should be able to align the register dot with the two dots. That was
the good news!

The bad news is this. A few years ago I tried to unscrew the little screw
and was a bit too eager and I applied too much force. As the screw is made
of rather soft aluminium it broke off. As result mine is not adjustable
anymore and will rest in 4*4 position forever. It also explains why I am not
absolutely sure about how things work, but I am pretty sure the little
bastard needs not to come out entirely, just about half way and just about
as far as it goes. Be very careful.

A second problem is that the bayonet was firmly stuck onto the hood. I
suppose over the years the metals had corroded and stuck together. I fear a
few engineer friends may jump to explain that this is not corrosion as
aluminium does not corrode <sigh>, but the parts were firmly stuck together
anyway. You may need to use some special oil to free the bayonet from the

Good luck!

Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, The Netherlands.

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Gerald H. Robinson [mailto:ghrobin  ]
> Verzonden: zondag 23 september 2001 18:53
> Aan: ferdi@stutterheim.nl
> Onderwerp: ROLLEILUX
> Ferdi:
> Thanks for your reply.  I want to shift the hood axis from a 4x4
> orientation
> to that of a 6x6.  This would line up the two dots with the register dot.
> I am aware that there were both adjustable and nonadjustable
> versions of the
> Rolleilux made; I think this is adjustable because of the presence of the
> "two dots" and because inside of its leather case, the plastic clip on has
> both "4x4" and "6x6".
> There is a little set screw on the underside of the bayonet, but
> turning it
> merely loosens the assembly.  The screw itself cannot be
> withdrawn entirely.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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