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Re: [Rollei] 6003 SRC1000 vs 6003 Professional


therein lays the problem, there are a lot of variables that the manual
somewhat hints at without a clear explication. The manual that comes
with the current 6003 Pro is nothing more than a 6008i manual. You have
to deduce what the 6003 Pro will do from it. When you talk to Marflex
they have a different slant on what the capabilities are, and their
explanation goes beyond the manual's. 
The current 6003 Pro will fail to fire a flash, even when not using an
SCA module, if it is not set to any setting below 0. I had  mine
modified to be able to shoot at 0 so that it doesn't throw the metering
off when I shoot chromes. I use a Metz 45 or a Quantum flash, which
allows me to set the flash output, as I like to over expose with B/W. 
Frankly, I think a book on lighting with a Rollei is long overdo. It
would do much in allowing the camera to be more user friendly, and give
the sales staffs a learner from which to do their sales pitch with.
Maybe we could do a collaborative one from this list's abundant talent.

 Slobodan Dimitrov

Peter Caplow wrote:
> I started this long OT discussion by asking about the differences between these 2
> models.  I mentioned that I was especially
> interested in their provisions for automating outdoor fill flash and how they
> compare in this respect to the 6008 Integral. Unfortunately, no one has actually
> answered my question.