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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiflex 3.5F Lightmeter adjustment

> Would anyone on the list be able to share with me the procedure to adjust 
> the lightmeters on my Rolleiflex 3.5F cameras. I realize the lightmeter on 
> my 3.5's is an old selenium cell model, but is there an adjustment that I 
> can perform that will make them both match my very accurate Pentax 
> Spotmeter both camera meters are off about a full stop. I removed the meter 
> cover on the focus knob and saw what looked like a few different adjustment 
> screws. Any help????

The angle of view for a selenium meter is very large.  When comparing them to 
other meters you should use a large evenly lit surface.  Due to different 
colour sensitivities a grey card or similar is good.  Make sure the selenium 
cell is quite close to the card, no further than 1/2 the shorter dimension of 
the card, and preferably closer.  Watch out for shadows when working this 
close.  If the error is less than a 1/2 stop I would call it "measurement 
error" due to the wide angle of the selenium cell and leave it alone. 

Generally selenium meters lose their high end output as they fail.  This means 
the error in bright sun will be larger than the error in lower light.  There is 
no easy way to compensate for this.  You could adjust things to get the 
readings about right for the typical light levels you photograph in, but the 
accuracy will be poor at other light levels.


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