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[Rollei] Tripod threads was: Hello and Question

> WHY would they use BSW threads on the bottom of a camera, when the standard
> camera tripod mount is 1/4-20?

The question should be "why would they use 1/4-20 when 1/4" BSW is the 

The standard tripod sizes that I am aware of are:

1/4" BSW
3/8" BSW
5/8" BSW
7/8" BSW  (I would like to see what uses a tripod mount this big!)

I am sure there are others, and lets not forget the early metric thread 

I don't doubt that you are able to use a 1/4-20 bolt in a 1/4" BSW hole, but 
that does not make it a 1/4-20 hole.  I don't have access to thread profile 
information on the American threads, but it seems every standard has a 
different thread profile, so I would be surprised if 1/4" BSW and 1/4-20 were 
an exact match.


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