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Re: [Rollei] bokeh

The Tessar/Xenar and Triotar each is different. I do not see a 
difference between Xenotar and Planar. Nor do I see a difference Tessar 
and Xenar.

Best Regards,

Julian Thomas wrote:

>Now, I hope this doesn't start a flame war as it used to do on the LUG - but
>I am REALLY enjoying the out of focus areas of my xenotar when used at wider
>appetures. It is inspiring me to doa whole sweries of stuff wide open. Do
>all 'flex lenses have this characteristic? I notice that there are 5 blades
>in the xenotar, does the planar have more?
>Julian Thomas
>Bruc 168-6-1
>08037 Barcelona
>tfno 679676321