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Re: [Rollei] For a change of pace


Four screws and it's off.  You can give the glass screen a good cleaning
with windex, wich can really help a lot sometimes. Don't do anything to
the mirror except to maybe blow any dust off gently.  These old mirrors
can be unbelievably fragile with the silver practically falling off. 
Good luck.


Brian Reeves wrote:
> I took my new 'cord out today at lunchtime and shot a roll of
> tri-x.  This is the first roll of film through the camera (by me
> :-)  It is a wonderful fall day here and I work on a college
> campus so there is always something happening or people nearby.
> To answer a question from last week, my Cord is S# 1091xxx, has
> a compur-rapid shutter, and a schneider Xenar lens.
> Question (and I'll browse the archives but just in case someone
> knows of the top of their head): can I remove the "viewfinder"
> (folding top assembly and glass screen) so that I can clean the
> focusing lens, or is this best something left to a professional?
>    I see four tiny screws, two on each side of the camera, but
> don't need to make things worse by mucking about where I'm not
> supposed to be.  Needs a CLA, and a maxwell screen, anyway but
> I'm just poor at the moment.
> It is a quite different way of taking photos than my FE2!  It'll
> be a little less exciting once I get a working light meter...
> Brian in sunny Tejas
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