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[Rollei] Removing the 3.5F front cover (was non-rollei accessories)

Ah, thank you very much! I knew there were 4 screws under the leather, and I
knew that the flash cord attaching ring needed to be removed. I thot the
shutter release ring also needed to be removed, but had been unsuccessful in
loosening it. So your expanation told me that this shutter ring didn't need
removing, so I went ahead with the cover removal. I also removed the cover
on the shutter, but went no further. I put a small amount of silicon grease
(plumbers silicon grease) on the sliding surfaces of the release mechanism,
and a touch of clock oil on rotating parts. But sadly, I found that most of
the jerkiness is apparently with the ring underneath the shutter. I couldn't
remove the shutter, as I believe it requires removing the rear lens cell,
using  a spanner that I don't have.
The shutter release lock wasn't working, and I bent the locking wire so that
it now works. I had essentially no problem in re-assembly, tho the shutter
and diaphragm setting wheels seemed to take on a life of their own, after
removing the cover. But it was really no big deal getting them lined back up
with their mating parts.
Thanks for the offer of high res scans of your shutter. But now I can make
my own-- in fact I was intending to photograph it, but naturally I forgot,
what with all the distractions of this day.


> I have opened my E3, which is very similar to the F. You don't need to
> remove the lever in order to remove the front cover, but you need to remove
> the ring that secures the flash cord. After unscrewing this and the four
> screws under the leather the front cover can be lifted from the rest. Behind
> the wheel that controls the aperture there is a gear that couples that DOF
> indicator, and for the later F models, it's a gear-unit that transmits the
> setting of both shutter and aperture to the meter. I find that this gear is
> the most tricky part when I was putting back the camera together. Since I'm
> not sure if this is the same for the F, I'll spare you the details.
> As Richard already mentioned, the selftimer assembly is part of the shutter.
> The shutter itself is very complex and I was you I'll not touch it. Better
> leave this to a pro to work on it. The Technical Report does give a
> description how to clean the shutter but the information is very limited.
> The repair manual part refers this part to the repair manual of Compur.
> When I opened my E3, I did remove the cover of the Compur to take a look. I
> have slides that shows the inner parts of it. I can send you some high res
> scan of it.
> Siu Fai