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I recently picked up an opened bottle of Rodinal.  It was glass and old and
the rubber band wrapped around the outside was, well, showing signs of
advanced age.

Yesterday, I wandered about the environs of western Virginia and shot a
roll with my Werra 3, a fine exemplar of the People's Proletarian Devotion
to the Art Dialectic.  It was Ilford 100 Delta "Professional", whatever
that means.  

I am, slowly, resurrecting the darkroom my wife deferred in her renovation
plans.  I decided to see if some Rodinal I had recently picked up would
still be good.  Trust me, this stuff is at least 30, if not 45, years old.

The rubber stopper in the neck (I have NEVER seen the like in a Rodinal
bottle and damn Agfa for taking them out!) seems to have worked.

The stuff worked perfectly.  Go figure!

Richard Knoppow wins again.  I really wish he would write a book so we
could read it before we find these things out.


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