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[Rollei] Rollei E 36 RE Flash

Hi everyone,

I have a Rollei E 36 RE Flash with dead batteries. It is apparently no
longer possible to get the old Ni-Cad Varta packs, but I saw the following
on eBay:

For the following ROLLEI FLASHES.....E-34-C and the E-36-RE and the SE-27
Charges "NC" batteries (Type 10xDEAC 500 DKZ) (Use with "C" charging plug)
(Black face plate has indicator for charging duration)
(This tube also takes the same type Hasselblad batteries for
charging.....MADE IN GERMANY

I can't find any clues what "NC" batteries (Type 10xDEAC 500 DKZ) really
are, and I'm curious about the Hasselblad hint. Does anyone know if  one can
find those batteries new, and resurrect the old potato masher?