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Re: [Rollei] Rollei TLR advance problem


I had one of my cameras act like this, I was able to get it going by
just flushing the mechanism.  To do this you can use Ronson light er
fluid or electronic contact cleaner from Radio shack.  You're going to
have to remove the side cover.

1. remove the hinge plate/ strap loop.  (two screws)

2.  remove the crank. push out pin right to left

3.  Remove two screws that hold on crank hub.  Remove hub.

4. remove leather ( carefully if you're going to save it)

5.  Remove side plate screws and side plate.

6.  remove film take up gear at upper left.  It will fall on the floor

&.  likewise remove two loose covers at lower left.

8.  temporarily re-install hub and crank.

9.  Flush the dickens out of th mechanism while turning crank.

10.  Put in sun to dry.

11.  lubricate very sparingly with high quality light oil.  I have been
using Zip or something like       that. It's supposed to be suitable for
this.  I suspect 3-in-one would work but it might gum       up in twenty
years or so.

12.  Reassemble the whole thing, and try it out with a roll of film.

Good luck.


Dave Williams wrote:
> Hi, Folks,
> I'm new to the list, and find it very helpful so far.  I have a couple
> of questions. I've owned and used a Rollei TLR for years, and this week
> I picked up another one at a thrift store for $50.  It's looks to be
> older than my other one, but I can't find the exact model on any of the
> web sites.  It has a Tessar 3.5 lens, Carl Zeiss Jenna, a Heidoscop
> Anastigmat viewing lens, and a Compur Rapid shutter.
> There is no PC connection for flash, but it has two posts sticking out
> on the front panel, one at the bottom next to the cable release port,
> and one near the bottom right of the viewing lens.  Would these be an
> older flash hookup system?  The posts have knurled knobs and unscreww
> easily from the front.
> Everything seems to work except the film advance.  When I loaded the
> film, threaded under the chrome roller, like I do on my other camera,
> the film just advances without stopping.  On my other Rollei, it stops
> on 1, then advances each frame.  This one doesn't.  You can roll the
> whole roll out without stopping.
> Did older Rolleis not have the auto stop?  This one doesn't have a red
> window like I read about on some early models.  Did earlier ones load
> differently?  If this is just broken, is this a major repair worth the
> investment?  And finally, can I just work out the advance pattern and be
> careful in advancing the film manually?
> Thanks for any input!
> Dave Williams
> Kansas City, MO