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Re: [Rollei] Film Spool Knobs-spring loaded on T

Herr Bigler

I absolutely assert that the last T model that
I owned (a white-face and Xenar) DID have
double exposure (re-cocking) capability, and
it did have what I call "quarter turn to lock open"
film knobs.  It was pristine mint and looked like
not a single screw in it had ever been unscrewed.
Hence, I believe that it did not have aftermarket


bigler  wrote:

> > ...my 2.8 F has spring loaded film spool knobs ...did the Rolleiflex
> > T ever have it?
> Back on-list after a summer break I take this opportunity to answer
> two questions about the R-T, based on my own experience with this
> camera plus reading Prochnow.
> 1) spring-loaded spool knobs on the T : I have a T, one of the last
> series made (~1971) and it does not have this feature. So I assume
> that none of R-T were equiped.
> However, to answer another question by Jerry L. (sorry Jerry to answer
> so late)
> 2) about the double exposure lock on a T
> From: Gerald Lehrer (jerryleh  )
>    Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 18:13:24 CDT
> > I guarantee that the last T that I had, DID have the double exposure
> > slide on the crank! Was that a factory special? Or a Fleenor rework?
> I checked my Prochnow. In the pages of general specifications for the
> T, the keyword "abschaltbar" (i.e : can be overridden) is missing
> concerning the double-exposure lock ("Doppelbelichtungssperre") on the
> T. So my understanding is : as a general rule, the T was not
> factory-equiped with this feature either.
> So the conjectures are
> - Some limited series of R-T might have been shipped with additional
>   features, not listed by Prochnow,
> - Simple additional features might have been added by a competent
>   craftsman afterwards.
> If we consider that the T is 'stripped-off certain deluxe features'
> vs. the E/F series, it makes sense that spring-loaded spool knobs, or
> double exposure slide on the crank, being somewhat external to the
> mechanism of the T, might have been added outside the factory.
> --
> Emmanuel BIGLER
> <bigler