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[Rollei] The future of film?

Hello All;

Since we have some real industry insiders here, and lots of folks who 
like to speculate, I've got a couple of questions I'd like to pose:

1. What are the sales of 35mm cameras like these days? (I seem to 
recall reading that they are climbing rapidly, even as digital is 
also...which would bode well for 35mm film being available for a good 
long time, but this is only a vague recollection, and could be wrong)

2. How is Rollei doing in this regard?

3. If sales are increasing, I wonder if there is any chance that 
Rollei would consider reintroducing the SL2000/3000 line.  I've 
always been impressed with them, but could never afford them...now 
that I might be able to afford them, they are very difficult to find 
(and I worry about reliability, having had bad experiences with 
Rollei electrical stuff over my entire lifetime).

4. Related to item 1 - how are the sales of 120 film cameras going 
these days?  Will 120 survive another 20 years?

5. How is Rollei doing in this regard?

Comments (even better, facts!) anyone?

Tom Frank