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Re: [Rollei] Rollei TLR advance problem

At 08:56 PM 09/02/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, Richard,
>Thanks for the response.  I've read a lot of your posts on other lists,
>Format, Etc) and almost feel like I know you.
>Richard Knoppow wrote:
>>   The finder hood should have a folding mirror in it for eye level
>> focusing, but no sports finder.
>The hood has a round lens in the back, but the front is solid, no mirror.  My
>other Rollei has the folding mirror.  It has the large plate with the
>that folds up critical focus.  This older model only has a small magnifier
on a
>ring attached to the back of the hood.
>I tried the loading test with a business card, and still no luck.  I suspect
>the works are gummed up, because the winding crank is much harder to turn
>my other camera.
>BTW, my other Rollei is a Tessar 3.5 as well, Zeiss Jena, with a red T on it.
>The serial number is 1269047.  I looked it up once, and it seemed to be a
>model, or close.  It was a gift to me from a Seminary professor while I
was the
>staff photographer at the school.  He bought it new in Rome and used it
with a
>Crown Graphic while he was a missionary in Africa.  He told stories of
>processing film in a tent using river water with his chemistry.  The exposure
>chart on the back is in Italian.
>Thanks again for the info!
 The mirror may be gone. Check on the crank side of the hood for a small
knob near the lower front. That is the knob for the mirror. Its been a
while since I've seen one if these and I don't remember what you do with
the knob to make the mirror open. Pull it back I think.
  If you want to learn about Rolleis this might be a good one since you
didn't pay much for it. There are reprint Rolleiflex repair manuals around
for about $30. Check with Petra Keller htttp://www.camerabooks. com  or
with John S. Craig at http://www.craigcamera.com  John Craig may also have
an instruction book for it.
  Also get _Rollei Technical Report_ Claus Prochnow, Stutgart, 1996,
Lindermans Verlag
  This had condensed repair instructions for most Rollei cameras. Its in
both German and English. Petra Keller has this book. 
  These books cover mostly post-war versions of the cameras but there is
little difference and it will give you a guide. Lighter fluid works well as
a cleaning solvent. 
  If you want the camera overhauled by an expert try Harry Fleenor.  There
are other good Rollei techs but I can vouch for him personally.


  The red T on the other camera is the Zeiss symbol for a coated lens. 
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles,Ca.