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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei TLR use in my work

The Holga is a plastic 120 cheapo camera.  So is the Diana.
You can search captions at photo.net to see some images:


or just see this one and give up photography.  This image is
awsome and makes me depressed to think that I might never
acheive it in my lifetime:


On second thought, I'll never give up.  I'll shoot until I drop,
dammit! :-)

> In a message dated 9/2/01 4:13:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
> egoldstein   writes:
> this is also a
> great attribute with Holga work as well...
> Forgive my ignorance, Eric, but what is Holga work?  I am sincere in the 
> question, not being a smarass. (g)
> Dave Dougherty