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Re: [Rollei] Urgent-buying decision 2.8F Xenotar vs. Planar vs. GX


I fear there is not enough time until Friday. If this list undertakes 
to answer and discuss your questions in detail it will take two weeks 
and will flood your mailbox. I'll try nevertheless, from my 

a) the multicoating will not make much difference except when shooting 
against the light - 'contre jour'. I do not own a GX but can compare 
HFT and non-HFT Planars for Rollei SLRs and am unable to see a 
difference in optical performance 'with' the light, even though these 
lenses have 7 elements instead of 5 in the TLRs. The Xenotar is an 
exceptionally good lens, by ALL standards. If the camera in question is 
a late 2,8F the lens could even have multi coating without any 
designation on the camera.  
The selenium light meter in the old Rolleiflexes is too inaccurate for 
slides but sufficient for print film, if working properly. 
Unfortunately many meters of this kind do read low in bright light. And 
even if you checked this and yours worked alright the selenium cell 
could start to degrade any day from now. So when buying this camera be 
prepared to regularly use a hand held meter. If you can live with that, 
go for the 2,8F, it feels better than the GX and has other advantages. 
The meter in the GX though is the same than in the SLX/6000/SL66E and 
is very, very, very accurate.      
b) A UV or any other filter does not help. Any filter degrades image 
quality - a MC filter less so than plain glass but still does.   
c) There is NO visible difference in image quality between Planar and 
Xenotar. Both lens manufacturers were required to meet Rollei's 
standards and did so.  

For the price of US$ 800 the camera should be in fairly good condition, 
also optically, I should think. 

Now let's see what the others think.  

Sven Keller

Dirk Seffern schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have the possibility to buy a Rollei 2.8F with a 
> Schneider Xenotar lens 
> for 800 USD 'til friday. Condition is used, but 
> I am thinking now, whether that is a good purchse 
> compared to a Rollei 2.8 F 
> (with the Zeiss Planar) or a 2.8 GX.
> I have heard from others that the Multicoating of the GX 
> would make a quiet 
> big difference in image quality with colorslides and 
> colorprints. also the 
> lightmeter of the GX should be a lot better.
> a. do you agree with these statements?
> b. Would it help to put a multicoated skylight/UV filter 
> on the lens? 
> c. Is there a difference in picture quality between the 
> 2.8F Planar and 2.8F 
> Xenotar, if yes where exactly?
> Thanks in advance
> Dirk Seffern