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Re: [Rollei] Prego Micron - your experience?

> From: "Scott Gardner" <jantamrac  >
> Reply-To: rollei  us
> Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:40:47 -0400
> To: <rollei  
> Subject: [Rollei] Prego Micron - your experience?
> OK.  I waded through the RUG archives, searched with Google and wasn't able
> to resolve my questions about the Prego (from where did they get *that*
> name?) Micron.
> Clearly, it's very similar to the discontinued Ricoh R1 (NOT GR1) except for
> the lens.  And that's the big question: if you've shot with a Micron, what
> are your impressions of the quality of the optics?  I test drove an R1 when
> it was first introduced and was underwhelmed by the lens.  Lots of field
> curvature and generally not sharp.  When I took it back to the store, the
> salesperson didn't seem at all surprised by my reaction.

The camera was indeed the same as the Ricoh R1 except for the lens.  Most
likly it was built by Cosina who have built most Ricoh cameras for some
years.  The R1 did not have a very good lens, or so say past owners.  The
Rollei version has a Schneider-designed lens, and is much superior.

> So, what do you think of the Schneider lens on the Micron?
> Also, in one thread, mention was made of the viewfinder scratching eyeglass
> lenses; have you experienced this?

Didn't happen to me when I used one.  There is no extending frame on the
back of the camera around the eyepiece, just the flat back of the camera
which is black plastic.  I don't know what could scratch eyeglasses.

It's not Friday, but maybe it is OK to mention since I'm not selling it.  A
friend of mine has one he wants to sell.  I thought about it, but I need
another camera like I need another ....., well I won't go there.