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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiflex MX (Automat model 4)


Sorry, but the only grooved tripod bases
that I have seen on Rolleis go 360 degrees
around it, not halfway (180 degrees).  Am
I missing something?


rworthy   wrote:

> Tim said:
> >     Am I missing something here?  I have the same camera as Sandy, and am
> looking for a Rolleifix.  Why wouldn't it fit the MX?
> The earliest MX's did not have the groove machined in the base plate (180
> degrees from each other around the tripod mounting hole) but the later ones
> (MX Type II '51 to '54) did. I'm assuming it was at or near this time that
> the Rolleifix was introduced?
> Nolan Woodbury