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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiflex MX (Automat model 4)


I believe that you have missed the point
about the Rolleifix.  It's purpose is not
to support the entire back, but to clamp
the back to the solid chassis of the camera
body.  It is a very well engineered piece
of equipment.

I still marvel at the design and engineering
of the TLR Rolleis, and I've been using
them for over half a century.


sbf70   wrote:

> I would love to use my Rollei on a tripod with a Rolleifix, but the MX
> does not have an undercut mounting thing, therefore, I can't use the
> Rolleifix.
> I have made an adaptor that is undercut to take the circular boss on the
> camera, and also to take the four "feet" on the base of the camera.  All
> in all, a very sturdy contraption since the entire base of the camera is
> supported.
> Any comments?
> Sandy F.