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Re: [Rollei] "macro" photography with a TLR?


The SL66 was designed with macro work in mind.  It has built in bellows
focusing with Scheimpflug tilt adjustments.  It has built in lens reversal
capability for high magnification macro work with a standard Rollei Bayonet
VI fitting on the lens mount.  Of course, a full range of extension tubes
with aperture automation (via double cable release) is also available.
Adapters were available for the Zeiss Luminar series.  When that fails there
are blank lens mounting plates for mounting any large format lens you could
imagine.  At macro ranges exposure correction for bellows extension is
always a problem.  Rollei provided a magnifying metering hood with spot as
well as averaging metering modes to solve this problem.  Add to this the
availability of Polaroid backs and dedicated macro lenses optimized for
flat-field work and you have the ultimate macro system.  Of course, change
lenses and backs and you then have a great portrait system as well.

Check out http://www.sl66.com/  for lots of info about the SL66 system.

Best Regards,
David Seifert

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> Thanks David.  Can anyone out there provide some personal experience in
> using an SL66 for macro work?  Any links to pics taken with SL66?
> R.J.