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Re: [Rollei] Sun telephoto attachment

At 08:55 AM 6/19/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I know you must have told us about these before, but I could not really
>find anything in the archive.  A small telephoto capability for my
>Automat would be really useful at times.  Is this something I should be
>looking for?

Well, there isn't a lot to say, as these have all become rather expensive
collectors' items now.  But here is a brief outline:

4X Carl Zeiss Jena Magnar	introduced in 1939, a modified telescope
eyepiece, I believe.  Around 1,000 were made but at least half of these
remained unsold when the War broke out and were cannibalized for military
construction.  Bayo I only.

2X Carl Zeiss Jena Magnar	a Prewar design revived Postwar.  Franke &
Heidecke were unhappy with the optical quality of these and refused to
market them, so CZJ supposedly sold at least a few directly in the US.
This is the rarest of these attachments:  I have never seen one.  Bayo I only?

2X Carl Zeiss Jena Duonar	Mid-'50's.  A fine unit, though most survivors
which appear on the market today have been severely run through the wringer
in professional use.  These puppies vignette something fierce.  Around
2,000 were made.

1.5X Carl Zeiss Tele-Mutar and 0.7X Carl Zeiss Weitwinkel-Mutar	Middle
1960's West German.  The best of the lot, though both are subject to some
vignetting.  Around 1,000 each were made.  Available in Bayo I, II/42,
II/45, and III.  (Well, adapters were made for these four fittings -- these
adapter rings are changed to convert from one mount to the other.)


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