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[Rollei] Re: modifications on 6000 series

Here is the latest on two issues, at least one is of concern to anyone
using a strobe with the 6003-6008.
The first concerns the flash being turned off by the camera at null
value and up. Apparently, the 6008i can be modified to not turn the
camera off when the exposure compensating dial is set at 0. The part
cost is $75.00 plus labor. Setting the dial to over expose with the
strobe light will still turn the strobe off, however. Apparently the
board is "burned" in such a way that no other default or modification is capable.
The second, is regarding the shutter speed default going to 1/125 when
the settings are in a programmed AE mode. This causes the diaphragm
setting to peg out to f22, and then the shutter starts adjusting to a
higher speed if necessary. A real pain, if you live in sunny California.
Here too, the setting is "burned" into the board and is potentially
non-adjustable. Marflex is going to contact the factory and see what can
be done with this "problem." 
A very lengthy conversation with the folks at Marflex has gotten me this
far. Now it's wait and see.
If anyone at Marflex has any comments or corrections on this, please
feel free to jump right in.

 Slobodan Dimitrov


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