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Re: [Rollei] Rollei SL 35 E

> From: Andre Calciu <a.calciu  >
> Reply-To: rollei  us
> Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 08:17:26 -0400
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: Re: [Rollei] Rollei SL 35 E
> No shutter movement and no mirror movement. The release goes "Click" and then
> I
> can rewind, but there no other action.

Probably the shutter is not fully cocking.  Take the bottom off the camera
and look for the long cocking arm.  It is in two pieces and there is an
adjustment screw at the connection of the two parts.  It is usually locked
in place with paint.  You must turn this screw in very small increments and
test cock after each change until you hit the position which fully cocks
the shutter without distorting the blades in the process.  Once you have
it right, paint it again to lock it in place.  That is the only adjustment
which is easy to access.  Anything else requires a major stripdown, which
is not easy on this camera.