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Re: [Rollei] rolleiflex question?

The glass back was standard issue on the Tele Rollei and the Rollei Wide.
For other cameras it was an option. By serial number 3.5F cameras taking
the optical flat glass back are from  2230000 to 2815050. The 2.8F cameras
that were capable of accepting the optical flat glass back are 2400000 to 2451850.

The option was withdrawn because it was found that the glass could
potentially (and did) trap dirt between the glass and the film and thus was
not particularly popular.

The pressure plate has an extra tab on it. When the back is closed, this
tab presses on a pin embedded in the camera. The purpose of this pin is to
release the pressure plate when the optical glass is in the film gate,
otherwise the film would be clamped between the glass and the pressure
plate. The hump accommodates a mechanism that allows the pressure plate to
evenly release and put pressure on the film and glass when the film is
cranked through.


Austin Franklin wrote:
> If the glass is flat, why does the back have a 'hump'?  As a note, this
> isn't shown in the Rollei 75 year history book that I could find...
> >
> > This is the back for the optical flat glass. John K