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[Rollei] Leather shouldr strap: safety belt

I recently read on this list of a poor guy dropping his beloved Rollei
because of a broken neck strap.
I too experienced that (fortunately not with my 3.5F), and since then I use
a "safety belt", an idea I borrowed from a friend in my photocircle.
Just get about 20 cm (8") of leather strap (or nylon, or what you like, it's
a matter of taste) and attach it to the shoulder strap, at about 20cm
(always 8") from the alligator clips, one end to the left and the other end
to the right, thus transforming the shape of the strap from an upside-down
"U" to an "A".
Since the strap usually breaks near the alligators, the camera is safe,
because it's retained by the remaining alligator and the loop that the strap
It works well, costs nothing, and it is not too unconfortable (at least not
as losing your Rollei... :-)