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Re: [Rollei] Re:TTL Flash on the 6008I

Marflex will disable the system "lock" by the way. I'm holding on to my
grey 6003 SRC1000 for precisely this reason. Just used the grey body
last night with a Vivitar 285, with Delta 3200. It kept things simple. 
I think Rollei broke the first rule of German camera manufacturers with
the 6008i's flash problem, in that you shouldn't be conscious of the
equipment's limitations when shooting.

 Slobodan Dimitrov

Roy Dunn wrote:
> >
> > >Someone posted here a while back that Marflex can modify the 6008i so it
> > >works just like the 6006, and I think the first time I send mine in for
> > >a general CLA I'll have this done if not too costly.
> >
> Wow! I will follow suit.
> I have given up with TTL fill-flash on my 6008I, I just use manual flash and a
> flash meter. I do use TTL with a Hassy Macroflash though, but the results are at
> best intermittent. If anyone has a Rollei macroflash they wish to sell, let me know
> off list.
> Cheers,
> Roy.