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[Rollei] Re:TTL Flash on the 6008I

>Some weeks ago I inquired on the method to acheive TTL controlled 
>fill-flash on the Rollei 6008I using a Metz 54MZ3 and an SCA356 with 
>connecting cord.  I will be doing macro nature photography and wish to use 
>TTL flash fill at about 2 stops below the ambient lighting.  Primary 
>configuration is a bellows mounted 150mm APO Makro-Symmar on the 6008I

What I learned was interesting; anyone with specific knowledge that any the 
following items are NOT correct please contact me with additional information
1. The exposure compensation control on the camera HAS NO EFFECT ON THE 
2. The exposure compensation control on the camera will not allow the flash 
to fire if it is set to zero compensation and any auto mode is set.
3. The Metz SCA300D spacer is a totally passive spacing block and has 
absolutely no effect on the flash operation.  Some folks had suggested that 
it may be required for proper flash function on the 6008I but upon 
disassembly it is clear there is nothing active inside it.
4 The SCA 356 has a circuit board with lots of electronic components inside.
The only way to achieve fill flash in TTL controlled mode on the 6008I that 
I could find is to set the ASA dial on the camera back to overexpose by the 
desired compensation amount and then set the exposure compensation to minus 
the same correction amount  ( for minus 2 stops fill flash set the ASA to 
25 with film that is really ASA100 and set the exposure compensation to 
minus 2)

Please advise

I could find no other method that worked and I used a flash meter to 
conduct the tests.

Anyone with excellent knowledge of these components who is able to verify 
or to correct this information please contact me.