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Re: [Rollei] What are the actual differences in 6008 models?


I only know things about the 6006, 6008 Pro and Integral.

The 6008s are fairly similar except:

I like the fact that the exposure information in the view finder stays
lighted far longer on the Integral than on the Pro.  I tend to be slow
so that means a lot to me.

Integral 1000th of a second is top speed... 500 for the Pro... but it
depends on the lens.

I don't see a self timer on the Pro.  But never/hardly use one anyway.

Bracketing is available on the Integral in both automatic and in manual.
 I haven't used it on the Pro but I think it's only available on

The frames per second is 2.5 on the Integral and 2 on the Pro... big deal!

The metering range is EV 0 to EV 19 with Integral and is EV3 to EV19 on Pro

I'm sure that there is more but I can't think of any except that the
Integral is usually a third more expensive.


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