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Re: [Rollei] What is the difference?

>  My problem... What is the difference between
> these types of TLR cameras?  For an amateur like myself, what would be both
> a relatively user-friendly camera to purchase and also have really great
> lenses?  I know some people buy lots of different models, but I am simply
> not in a financial position to do something like that.

The TLRs fit into 3 categories:

The Rolleiflexes:
- - Crank film advance
- - Automatic film start sensing (thread the film in, close the back and wind
   away until it stops).
- - Shutter cocked automatically.
- - Shutter speed and aperature visible from the top (in a small window at the
   top of the lenses).
- - Shutter and aperature set by "wheels".

The Rolleicord:
- - Knob film advance
- - Film start by ligning up the arrows (like most other MF cameras)
- - Shutter cocked manually
- - Shutter and aperature set by levers around the taking lens.
- - Lightest of the Rollei's

The Rolleiflex T:
This is an inbetween model, offering some improvements over the Rolleicord but
not as full featured as the Rolleiflex.

The Lenses:
Planar / Xenotar:
These are the 'top of the line" lenses.  Available in f/3,5 and f/2,8.  The
f/2,8 cameras tend to be more expensive than the f/3,5, so unless you intend to
do low light work the f/3,5 is the better choice.  Excellent performers at all

Tessar / Xenar:
Also excellent performers at aperatures below about f/5,6 or f/8.  Tend to be
a bit soft in the corners at larger aperatures.

- - The baffles in the film chamber make a great improvement in contrast.  The
baffles were fitted to Roleicord IV and later, Rolleiflex 2.8C and later, I am
not sure about the f/3,5 Rolleiflex.

- - Always use a lens shade.  This often comes with the camera.  There should
also be a leather pouch to store it in.

- - A Rolleifix is a good investment.  This mounts the Rollei onto a tripod
securely.  It also provides a quick release action.

- - Lens accessories (filters, close-up lenses) for the Planar/Xenotar rolleis
(Bay II for f/3,5 and Bay III for f/2,8) are more expensive than the Rolleicord
and Tessar / Xenar Rolleilfex (Bay I).


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Richard Urmonas