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Re: [Rollei] ARGH! Sorensen and the Filter Myth!

At 12:50 AM 2/21/2001 +0000, John A. Lind wrote:
>I use a UV 0 on all lenses.  First, it cuts some of the distant haze 
>outdoors.  Second, I found it warms the flash slightly indoors by cutting 
>out some of the higher UV component.  There *are* some benefits visibly had 
>by at least some of us using a UV 0 filter.

It matters not.  Since the 1950's, the manufacturers have been arguing that
you do NOT need a filter for routine photography, as the lenses have
inbuilt UV coatings.  Certainly, this is true for Nikon, Canon, Zeiss,
Leitz/Leica, Rollei, and JSK.  All are most adamant on this point.

Why pay top dollar for the finest lenses in the world and then degrade the
performance through the use of an unnecessary filter?  Degrade it it will,
though often not by much.  

Again, professionals -- who live by their gear -- virtually never use
filters save for color correction.


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