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Re: [Rollei] ARGH! Sorensen and the Filter Myth!

They are quite hard and have been since the late 60s.  A filter, by
definition, is used to remove something from what passes through it.
Unless you want to remove something you need no filter. You find
no filter on any of my lenses unless I am using it to accomplish a
very specific photographic look.

The only time I use a "protective" filter is at the beach when
near the surf, to protect against sea spray, and in the desert
when it is windy.  If I went way up in the mountains I might want
a UV.  That's it.


> From: Mark Rabiner <mark  >
> Organization: http://spokenword.to/rabiner/
> Reply-To: rollei  us
> Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 23:48:32 -0800
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: Re: [Rollei] ARGH!  Sorensen and the Filter Myth!
> I've got an awful lot of wiping of my Zeiss, Leica and Nikor glass with my
> shirt
> tail when they get dirty out in the field. I huff on them first. On an old
> lens
> is guess you'd get "cleaning" marks.
> I've never gotten any. All my front elements are in same perfect condition as
> when i bought them.
> I think the coatings on lenses now are rock hard.