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Re: [Rollei] ARGH! Sorensen and the Filter Myth!

Chris Sorensen wrote:
> Marc:
> Well then, it is a mystery to me how I could possibly have become a
> successful professional photographer, since I have been using UV filters on
> all my lenses for the past 30 years.  Funny thing, I've never had a client
> mention anything about UV filters. . . .
> You can tell Ted and Jim and Mike to spare me their commentary, because I am
> unlikely to alter this deeply ingrained habit.
> Perhaps you can explain to us all why Rollei, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon,
> Contax, et. al., all make UV filters for their lenses?
> Chris Sorensen

I can. Because they make money on them.
Do you live in a VERY small town and never run into any other pros to talk to?
I'd be curious as to what type of work do you do for who?

UV filters are amateur city and i know a million photographers and none would argue.
You are the first non rank amateur photographer I've ever heard of with any
experience who uses them.
I know I've overstated my case so at this point I'll give this topic a rest.
Shot a series of images couples on a tripod. 
One with the filter off, one on.
On a great many shots you'll see an obvious difference?
flare, lack of contrast...you name it
less if the sun is directly behind you! Like 10 percent of your pictures!

mark rabiner