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Re: [Rollei] ARGH! Sorensen and the Filter Myth!

"John A. Lind" wrote:
> Marc,
> I use a UV 0 on all lenses.  First, it cuts some of the distant haze
> -- John
No they just turn your images to crap and reek of rank amateur.
If you know any pros ask them.
Why ruin a perfectly exquisite optical formula?
you might as well shoot with a Pentax.
Take those darn UV's off and let your glass BREATH!!!!
I've been shooting and doing my own darkroom work for 36 years and never
scratched a front element.
And I'm a klutz; NOT carefull. This place is a mess, trust me.
Shoot picures. Unwrap your tools.
Look at pictures of your favorite photographers at work.
If they are using a filter, if it doing something to definitely improve the
image. They are a definite color/flavour.
Clear Jello? I'll pass.
Clear Plastic seat covers? I'll pass!

mark rabiner