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Re: [Rollei] ARGH! Sorensen and the Filter Myth!


I use a UV 0 on all lenses.  First, it cuts some of the distant haze 
outdoors.  Second, I found it warms the flash slightly indoors by cutting 
out some of the higher UV component.  There *are* some benefits visibly had 
by at least some of us using a UV 0 filter.

However, the mistake many make with filters is buying a very expensive, 
optically superb lens, then "cheaping out" by buying the most dirt cheapest 
filter they can, and then screwing it on in front of their world-class 
optics.  I use AR coated B+W or Heliopan filters for this very reason.  I 
believe I may still have a Vivitar VMC and a Hoya UMC floating around (both 

Yes, an uncoated no-name filter on a world-class lens causes optical 
degradation that wastes the lens' fine qualities.  Filters in general are 
not necessarily inherently Evil Bad Things if they are of a quality 
befitting the lens on which they are used and are as cared for as a fine 
lens should be.

- -- John

At 04:41 2/21/01, Marc James Small wrote:
>There is NO benefit and some drawback to using an auxiliary filter to
>"protect" the lenses on your camera.  Read what the camera manufacturers
>say - don't do this!  they intone.  If you're not careful, I'll ask Ted
>Grant and Jim Brick and Mike Fletcher to step over here a second to correct
>your approach on this!
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