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Re: [Rollei] The Truth About the Sixth Element ...

At 10:07 AM 1/7/2001 +0800, TC Khoo wrote:
>What is the truth in the REAL reason for
>the 6th  element?? Was it a combination of what I have stated or something 
>else? - Is there truth in the multi-coating of the last  batches??

The sixth element was added by Zeiss and Schneider to improve edge
definition.  I have used both five-element and six-element Planars and have
never noticed an appreciable difference in performance but, then, I wasn't
doing critical work looking for such distinctions.  I suspect there were
sound optical reasons for adding the additional element but that, in
practical use, the differences in performance are minor.

On the second point, yes, the final F series cameras had multi-coated
lenses, at least if they had Zeiss optics.  The current state of analysis
is that, by1973, Zeiss was multi-coating almost all production but
consumers had to pay extra for the "T*" marking, and cash-strapped Rollei
Fototechnik simply opted not to pay for the extra marking, though the
lenses were multi-coated.  No one has done research on the state of the
Schneider Xenotar but I would be surprised if a similar occurrence didn't
happen with these, as well.


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