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Re: [Rollei] Re: SL35E repair

regarding the self-timer there are two "usual suspects, asuming
- - you already checked, it's not the switch. "Well how could I tell it ain't
the switch?" "Set shutter to 'A', ativate self timer to '1' position, depress shutter
release to second step (not yet releasing the shutter) and let go, the meter should
go on and STAY locked (no changes when changing the aperture)." and
- - the misfunction is "instant fire" instead of delayed action:

a) a weak battery (the LED still ights, but it's too weak to hold the shutter ...)
new battery PX 28 (Lithium version is OK too).
b) dirt on the self timer's solenoid
open bottom cover, look and clean it.

To the wind slip I'm clueless without further examionation. Maybe it is the M/R lever.


...<< What's wrong with the one you have?

> ...The wind slips--the film doesn't go as far as it should.  The wind sprockets
> move, but stop before the film is fully advanced.  I'm hoping this is
> something simple such as a stuck rewind clutch.  Also, the self-timer doesn't
> work, but i don't care too much about this.
> John McFadden