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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35S meter calibration

I contacted Paepke GmbH in Duesseldorf which appears to be the German
equivalent to Marflex, doing factory licensed repair on older Rolleis.

They do a meter calibration for the Rollei 35 (and some Leica cameras)
to take 625U alkali-mangan cells (1.5V) for DM 76 (plus tax). But they
pointed out that (1) voltage will drop after some 6 months of use. They
meter will move, but give wrong readout. (2) there would be "a risk"
that the meter cell is damaged by the higher voltage.

Consequently I am reluctant to take this step. Here in Germany, after
Varta stopped making them, mercury cells disappear from larger shops
with fast turn-over, but small dealers still have old stock.

At the moment I am using RP675HR 1.4V cells in my Rollei 35S. I got a
sixpack free from a hearing aid specialist. They are smaller than 675,
you just screw-in the battery cover a little bit deeper.  Despite the
nominal difference of 1.4V versus the PX625's 1.35V the meter is working
on spot. I expect that my sixpack will last a couple of years. 

Even if, after some 10 years from now, I have no alternative than to use
zinc-air cells, size 675 is much, much cheaper than 625! Today a sixpack
of 675 zinc-air for hearing aids is in the range of DM 12, a single (!)
625 zinc-air for cameras is DM 15. 675 cells are a volume item with
great and constant demand, 625 is a special item supplying the
diminishing number of classic cameras in use. Considering that a
zinc-air cell will last only 4 to 6 six weeks after the seal is opened,
this is an argument!

In other cameras (Leica CL, Yashicamat 124G) this will not work, because
the contact is on the bottom and on the side of the battery compartment.
The Yashica has a plastic cover. the Leica CL has no screw-in cover, the
battery is kept in place by little clamps. So you need a simple adaptor
or spacer to fit the battery and make contact. I have heard of the
"CRIS" adaptor which takes a S76 silver button and reduces voltage from
1.5V to 1.35V. But USD 30 plus shippling is plain robbery.