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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Users list digest V8 #74


OK,  sorry 'bout that.  I'll have to find that shop.  The one with all the
cameras in the widow is Discount (Hah!).  Keep away!


David.Clark   wrote:

> Ok Grant Avenue.  I only get there every other year or so.
> It is not that expensive place with all the cameras in the window but a
> little shop in Chinatown.  It has evolved into a tourist shop, but last
> time I was there (Jan. 99) the old Rollei stuff was still in the case and
> at the original prices.  No cameras just some abandoned accessories.
> Most serious photographers would not give the shop a second look anymore.
> It's on the left hand side of the avenue as you walk towards North Beach.
> David