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[Rollei] Handling of TLR and SL2000

Dear folks,

according to the discussion on handling of Rolleis I would give the 
following comments:


I can confirm that I won't need three hands. I am very happy with my two 
hands and the neck strap.
As there have been comments on snap shooting without neck strap I made the 
test at home: Again, I am very happy snap shooting with my 2,8F without the 
third hand and without neck strap. It is just a very fast camera for this 


The SL2000 should be held according to the description in the official 
manual. With a bit training you will be able to find it very handsome. I do 
not want to have another 35 mm camera as is not as handsome, even with eye 
level finder, as my SL 2000. The additional strap at the 3003 may makes 
sense for people not trained on the 2000, but for me it is not necessary. 
Also friends of mine - also first batch 2000 photographers - prefer the 
traditional handling.
The pistol grip is nice, expecially for use with flash, but without flash 
it makes the camera not more handy.