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Re: [Rollei] 200F and 3003 Battery Pack source?

Hi Javier,

I bought a new rechargeable back for $150 from Marflex. Marflex may have the AA packs as well but I did not ask. B&H lists one on their web site as well. I found a AA battery pack at Brooklyn Camera Exchange and the quick charger from Profoto for $90 or so. Also I think that Smile Photo (http://www.smilephotovideo.com/) has a back and AA pack for $150. If I notice something else I will drop you a line. Check the current Shutterbug adds and search the web. You may have to be patient.

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From: Javier <japho  >
Reply-To: rollei  us
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:57:22 -0400

>Does anybody know where I could
>find a battery pack for a 2000F/3003
>I've managed to score a pair of backs
>but only one battery pack and it's rechargeable
>but I don't have the charger either! By the same token
>if anybody has anything used or new to sell along these lines
>I'de love to hear about it.
>See Ya