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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Stereo Camera

There were several Franke and Heideke stereo cameras.

1.- the Heidoscop used with plates
2.- the Rolleidoscop used with 120 film or cut film via interchangeable
3.- the Baby Rolleidoscop used with 127 film

The Rolleidoscope shot 6x13 stereo pairs which means basically two square
images placed less than 1 centimetre apart.

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Andrei D. Calciu
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 Has anyone used the early Rollei Stereo camera (Heidoscope?) with the
 Tessar lenses pictured in some Rollei books?  Does it use 120 Rollfim and
 is the film format 2 1/4 x 2 1/4?

 Jan >>
The Heidoscop was designed for glass plates, although apparently rollfilm
backs were made for it.  The Rolleidoscop  (hence the name "Rollei") was a
version of the Heidoscop designed exclusively for rollfilm.  Unfortunately
I've never gotten my hands on the thing, but i believe the rollfilm used
the same size as 120.
John McFadden