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Re: [Rollei] Rolleinar and 2.8GX Edition


yes the focussing is adjusted only correctly if the filter is mounted in 
the rear side.
If the filter ist not mounted, infinity would not conincide with the 
infinity mark on the barrel ring. (My own experience)

That is what I know definitely. So Rollei recommends use of the filter at 
any time. I don't know if the no use of filter would degrade the 
performance in any way.

This is true for the 500 mm lens I have. I don't know either if there have 
been different versions with different properties.

To the GX edition: That was what I read in an ad. I have no more info.



At 12:02 30.05.00 -0400, you wrote:

>I had no idea about the 500mm Rolleinar and the rear mounted filters. Why
>would that affect focussing? I know filters slightly affect the focal
>length of any lens by a tiny amount (i think it was 1/4 of the total
>thickness of the filter's glass element). Please tell me more about this
>focus issue.
>About the 2.8GX Edition, what is different other than the plaque and the
>Andrei D. Calciu
>NEC America, Inc.
>At 10:46 30.05.00 -0400, you wrote:
>Great! Concerning the 500 you must take care to get also the filter set. It
>contains grey filters and a skylight filter. I don't like skylight filters,
>but in this case you must screw it into the rear barrel. Otherwise the
>focus will not be optimal.
>Nobody wants to buy the new 2,8 GX edition??