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Re: [Rollei] 2.8A Bayonets

You're right Jerry,

I have one of these babies too. Cost me $24.95 less than a year ago. NOT an
ebay purchase :-)

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Andrei D. Calciu
NEC America, Inc.

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I have just completed a study of the non-standard bayonet used on
the Rolleiflex 2.8A TLR.  Bay II filters fit it perfectly.  Bay II Lens
Hoods do not.  There was a unique lens hood made for the 2.8A,
which is marked 34 in addition to the Rollei/F&H and Germany.
It fits in a uniquely sized leather case which is intermediate in size
between the BayII and BayIII sizes.  A local dealer who purports
to be an expert says, "Oh yes, that shade is for the Rolleimagic".
IT IS NOT!!  Quite frankly, it looks like an overgrown Bay I
lens hood.

No, I do not know what it is worth, maybe one of you can help
me.  I'm suer that Neil Gest and I are NOT the only RUGers
with one of these.