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[Rollei] Equipment for sale

Rollei for sale:
I regretfully announce that despite the great quality of image and enjoyment
of use, I am just not a Rollei person. I see things in either semi wide angle
or short telephoto (28mm or 90mm in 35mm camera terms). For this reason, my
Rollei never leaves the shelf and one of my Fuji 645 cameras go in the jacket
pocket or Domke satchel. Prices are postpaid within the U.S. Check, money
order, Visa or Mastercard. Satisfaction guaranteed. I am not a photo equipment
dealer but rather am part of a 50+ year old rare-book and historical
photograph business. You can check my website linked below to see I'm legit.

Rolleiflex 3.5F Model 3 with 75mm Planar Lens, Serial No. 3.5F 2277103. Very
Good to Excellent condition, shutter fine, lenses fine, light meter gives
correct exposure readings. With Leather Camera Case with integral strap -
probably wrong case, but trimmed to fit; metal Rollei lens hood; plastic lens
cap; various filters, both bayonet and with bayonet adapters. $500.00

Rolleimagic with 3.5 Xenar, Serial No. 2511101. Shutter only fires at 1/20th
Sec. With leather strap. $40.00

Evans, Arthur. Collectors Guide to Rollei Cameras. Hardbound. Fifth printing.
1990. $15.00

Parker, Ian. Complete Rollei Users Manual. Hove. Soft Cover. Copyright 1993.

Parker, Ian. Complete Rollei TLR Collector's Guide. Hove. Soft Cover.
Copyright 1993. $15.00

Parker, Ian. Rollei T.L.R. The History. Jersey Photographic Museum. Hardbound.
Copyright 1992. $15.00

Heering, Walter. The Rollei Book. 13th - 20th Thousand. Harzburg. 1939. Usual
foxing of glossy pages. $15.00

Classic Camera No. 5. A very high quality glossy Japanese periodical. This
issue includes Rolleiflexes. In Japanese, but great pictures. 1999. $10.00

Newcombe, H. S. The Twin-Lens Companion. Hardbound with dust jacket. Focal
Press. First American Edition, 1948. $15.00

The Practical Accessories. Cut and stapled repro from John Craig Craigcamera.

Rolleiflex 2.8GX User's manual. Folded and stapled repro from John Craig
Craigcamera. $4.00

William F. Robinson
203 Whitfield St.
Guilford CT 06437