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[Rollei] Re: Battery Problems

This has been asked many many times.

1) Use the MR-9 battery adapter and an S76 Silver oxide cell. See 
<http://www.criscam.com/> for details on the MR-9.
2) Buy PX625 mercury cells from overseas or through those who import 
them. Search with Deja News and you'll find a half dozen suppliers.
3) Use the Wein cells, they work well.
4) Have the meter recalibrated for PX625A alkaline cells.

1) Use the Minox 8x11 battery kit, which is a sleeve holder and 4 
S386 Silver oxide cells.
2) Buy PX-27 mercury cells from overseas or through suppliers...

I use options #1 and #2 in both cases.


>I should like to ask a question which I'm sure has been asked many times
>before, however being new to the forum have not seen the answers given.
>I am collecting Rollei 35's (particularly black one's) but am greatly
>concerned by the battery availability problems e.g. 1.35v PX-625 and 5.6v
>PX-27. Please could someone alot wiser than I advise me of current
>equivalents or modifications to keep these wonderful cameras going on into
>the new millennium.